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Well, get ready to take a closer look to see if he’s a keeper or a loser who won’t change by looking for these 10 things. It’s normal to talk about big accomplishments like an exciting promotion or a graduation, but if he finds the stupidest things to brag about like his sneaker collection, or how he’s somehow “always on the grind” as if no one else works for a living, then you might want to pass. His favorite movies and shows that he lists are full of sexist themes.

If having a respectful guy is important to you, then you might want to keep an eye out for what he idolizes.

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Anne concurs: "If a guy has had an on and off again girlfriend recently, I would stay so far away till he has been off with her for AT LEAST over a year," she writes. If he asks you how many kids you want to have and proceeds to debate baby's names.

He could be lying about who he is, his age, or just very insecure about how he looks.

It’s filled with sub tweeting or passive aggressive statuses.

Women say red flags are when a man stares at the bill waiting for her to pay; a man who divides it up until the last cent even though he asked her out, and a man who conveniently "forgets" his wallet after suggesting an expensive restaurant for dinner. One writes that he finds it "offensive if a woman starts filing her nails, looking at the ceiling or excusing herself to go to the bathroom when the bill arrives ...

contribution and/or gratitude equals good manners in this age of gender equality".

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