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After Idol, it was these five, the Final 5, who were the most successful out of the Top 12.

Launched in support of each band's respective third full-length studio LPs, 1998's Celebrity Skin and Mechanical Animals, the tour was planned to run from February 28, 1999 until April 27, with 37 shows confirmed.

The daughter of Hank Harrison and psychotherapist Linda Carroll, Love had an itinerant early life.

She spent her formative years in San Francisco and Portland, Oregon, where she was in a series of short-lived bands before being cast in two films by British director Alex Cox.

After Hole left, Marilyn Manson continued the tour under the name Rock Is Dead, despite that name being used by American rock bands Korn and Rob Zombie for their own concurrent joint tour. Love and Manson finally reconciled their differences in 2015, more than 15 years after the end of the tour.

Marilyn Manson released two recordings that documented portions of the tour: a live video album titled God Is in the T. Plans for a joint tour were conceived by Hole's management company, Q Prime, during the band's stint at the 1999 Big Day Out music festival in Australia in order to support their third studio album Celebrity Skin.

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