Updating acrobat reader

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complements the family with a variety of enterprise content management and file hosting services.Adobe also allows third parties to develop Acrobat plug-ins, which can add extra functions to the Acrobat program.An anonymous reader writes: The latest Adobe Acrobat Reader security update (15.023.20053), besides delivering security updates, also secretly installs the Adobe Acrobat extension in the user's Chrome browser.There is no mention of this "special package" on Acrobat's changelog, and surprise-surprise, the extension comes with anonymous data collection turned on by default.Edit: Any way to give half points to the two users that gave plausible explanations for this particular issue?

What makes out life more complex is the fact that for some software, such as the ones from Adobe, updates can be done by our end users. We need to control these updates and prevent regular users from updating their workstations.

There's a lot of folk wisdom that Adobe Acrobat Reader requires a reboot because of its Speed Launcher. Speed Launcher installs itself in the Windows Explorer "All Users" Startup folder.

Thus invoking it after installing it only requires that one log off and then log back on again.

Additional, "Premium", services are available for reader on paid subscription.

The commercial proprietary Acrobat, available for Microsoft Windows and mac OS only, can also create, edit, convert, digitally sign, encrypt, export and publish PDF files.

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