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That battle is taking place not just on the country's streets, but in internet forums, blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter feeds.The Tunisian authorities have allegedly carried out targeted "phishing" operations: stealing users passwords to spy on them and eradicate online criticism. Anonymous, the loosely-knit group of international web activists that drew world attention for their "distributed denial of service" (DDo S) attacks on the servers of companies that blocked payments and server access to the whistle-blowing website, Wiki Leaks, joined the fray, in solidarity with the Tunisian uprising.

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Not far from the dress shops, the streets of Tunis, its cafes and squares, shisha joints and little markets, are almost all men’s spaces. I was given links to stories: Teens jailed for kissing in public in Morocco, the notorious virginity tests in Egypt.I was sitting in the Cafe De Paris in downtown Tunis with a too-sweet mocha and dozens of male eyeballs.I was the only woman, and the men around me stared at me.A quick view on some of these markets clearly reveal its surging popularity among young men and women.The Facebook page ‘Girls of Tunisia’ for example has exceeded 10,000 likes.

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