Aimee teegarden dating thomas mcdonell

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As you can see from boyfriend list above, Thomas Mc Donell and Jeremy Sumpter are other two guys, that should be part of Aimee’s dating history according to some rumors. Hot girl like Teegarden can choose from lot of men.

In 2006, Teegarden joined the cast of the TV series Friday Night Lights, starring Kyle Chandl Aimee Richelle Teegarden (born October 10, 1989) is an American actress and model.

Although painfully innocent, rude or even subtly rude gags completely left out, and remarkably cliche (almost all moments were predicted by people in the room while watching), PROM is a light-hearted, humorous and generally nice tale of the most important moment to teenagers about to leave school.

Disney’s new movie “Prom” features Nova, played by “Friday Night Light’s” Julie, Aimee Teegarden, as a prom chairman who is really p.o.’d and hurt that someone has burned up all her decorations.

Aimee Richelle Teegarden (born October 10, 1989) is an American actress and model.

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Although this rumor returns repeatedly, we don’t think it’s true, since goes for years and Teegarden wouldn’t have reason and/or ability to hide their relationship for so long.He has guest-starred in Suburgatory as Scott Strauss, Tessa's boyfriend.By: Lynn Barker Kidzworld is sitting in “video village” (that’s movie-speak for the monitor area where a film’s director watches the action) on a high school athletic field in L. We’re looking at a smoky, blackened, burned out shed in the distance. But when a fire throws her plans into chaos, Nova is forced to work alongside her nemesis, hunky bad boy Jesse (Thomas Mc Donell).Unsurprisingly, initial aggression between the mismatched creatives gives way to tentative romance, leading to an alright-on-the night slow-mo musical finale.

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