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- Three easy ways to play macros, load programs, type (insert) keystrokes, or use built-in Word Perfect features by customizing toolbars, property bars, keyboards, and menus.

[More...] [See also Section 4 below]: Creating text styles to instantly apply custom formatting - Saving custom styles to your default (or other) template - Retrieving custom (user) styles from another document or template - How to remove the new style from the default template.

Or see the final download post here by Klaus Pfeiffer for the ready-to-use expanded version for WP8 .) (on the Tools menu): More than a grammar checker and writing style analyst, Grammatik can check spelling, flag duplicate adjacent words and punctuation (such as might occur with cutting/copying and pasting), and more. Left-click on the link to read the PDF file online, or right-click to download it, then choose "Save Target [or Link] As..." or similar browser command.

See Help (F1 key; Index tab) for "grammar," "writing styles," "writing tools," and related topics. [See the file's Table of Contents.]Even if you don't need to employ all the features covered in the article, it can serve as a reference for future use.

It demonstrates a couple of macros for the purpose.

(You can easily copy the macro code into Word Perfect; see here for instructions.

Choose a label style and create one label You can make changes to the font, font size, and spacing of text in the label.

Documents created in one word processor can be used in other word processors, but the conversion is often imperfect.You cannot expect perfect results, but this page offers ways to reduce the difficulty of transferring files from Word Perfect to Word.When you attempt to open Word Perfect files in Word, recent versions of Word may display an error message saying "The file appears to be corrupted." You may solve this problem by installing the replacement set of Word import filters provided on this page.If you're preparing your holiday greeting cards, but not looking forward to addressing the envelopes by hand, why not create address labels by using the Merge tools included with Word Perfect®?You can create a series of identical mailing labels that include your name and address.

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