Rss feeds not updating in mac mail

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This is nice in that it allows you to add whatever websites and feeds you want, even if they aren’t pre-bundled in the official list within Apple approved sites.* Apple News app basically aggregates from RSS, but the News app is not particularly good at detecting RSS feeds on many websites, and so you’ll often have to navigate directly to the RSS feed in question and add the actual RSS feed URL to news directly.If the website you are accessing supports RSS feeds you will notice how there will be a blue icon with the text “RSS” at the end of the address bar of your browser.

Let’s begin by adding the RSS feed to the RSS Bookmarks.

You can sometimes get around that by requesting the desktop version of a site from Safari in i OS before attempting to add it to News, but going directly to the RSS feed may be more reliable.

Perhaps this will be fixed in a future version of i OS and News app.

If you decide to keep RSS Feeds in an Outlook Data File (.pst) file, you'll only have access to those items on the computer where the file is located.

RSS Feeds that save items to a folder that is located within your Exchange mailbox are available from any computer that has Outlook and connects to your Exchange account.

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